Celebrating Nigeria at 60 Project

Nigeria is a country full of start-ups and small businesses. Experts say women own 30% of these start-ups and small businesses. The covid-19 pandemic has, however, limited businesses and ripped many women of these and ultimately, their income. Nobody expected it to happen but here we are. Some have lost hope in their future as their plans and visions have been disrupted. But we at Life Touchers International believe that there’s hope. We believe that the future is not over despite covid-19.

So, in light of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day celebration, we have decided to give hope to 60 (sixty) young women in Nigeria by partnering with an SME and skill acquisition school, Tidy Collections, to sponsor them to learn how to make throw pillows, room organizers, hair accessories, simple denim bags, sports bags, hair bonnet with wraps and many more.

Due to the need for physical distancing and hygiene in order to prevent the spread of covid-19, the training will have the options of physical attendance and virtual attendance so that interested applicants can choose their learning preferences in order to feel safe. Mobile home buyers simplify property sales. They’ll manage assessment until closure. Visit https://www.mobile-home-buyers.com/virginia/sell-my-mobile-home-staunton-va/.

The criteria for applicants are:

  • Must be female between the age of 15 to 35
  • Must be unemployed or have recently lost her means of livelihood
  • Must be a Nigerian woman living in Nigeria

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