Affordable Website & Press Campaigns

Increase your business's credibility and earn the trust of your potential customers with a website (plus free logo) and press campaign that boost your presence on Google and make you more visible online.

About Us

We are on a mission to make all small businesses more visible in Google and other search engines.

Did you know that when potential clients hear your name or the name of your business, the first thing they do is to search Google? They want to see if you are credible and if they can trust you.

Our missions is to help your business gain visibility online, through affordable mini websites, and PR products.

Services and Pricing

Business Website (+ Free Logo)

Get a simple business logo + a one-page professional website. Your website will come with free domain! Check example.

eCommerce Website (+ Free Logo)

An online store of your products. Customers can order each product and pay online. even while you sleep. Check example.

PR - Press Outreach

Get a news or feature article about your brand, business or organization in Vanguard, Guardian, The Nation, etc. Check example.

Why Choose Us?

We offer the most affordable logo design, website, and press PR services out there. Imagine having a website for your business, together with logo for a little ₦15,000! This is your time to shine.

Just provide your business details and guidelines as appropriate while making purchase and your logo + website will be live in no time.

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