The Unique Way Harry Shum, Jr. Was Welcomed To The Cast Of Grey’s Anatomy


Shum expressed to People how iconic it was to meet Wilson and Pickens, saying, “Chandra, she just gave us this beautiful, just very, almost life advice of just be yourself on set, on the show, and try and contribute in so many ways that feel very true to yourself. I think that’s why the show has gone on for so long. I think that advice has been given over time and has been utilized in so many beautiful ways.”

He also shared his experience meeting Pompeo on the first day, who gave all of the interns a plant that they wanted to make sure stayed healthy and staying alive throughout filming: “Her first day, she had this massive monologue, pages and pages, and she was just so gracious with her time, and giving us advice, and just welcoming us to the OR.”

Pompeo, Wilson, and Pickens are the three remaining original cast members who have been part of “Grey’s Anatomy” since the very beginning, and being welcomed by this trio must have truly been an unforgettable moment. You can find out everything else we know about the new season here.



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