The Dish Curtis Stone Makes When He Wants To Impress His Wife


Between running three restaurants, being the recipes ambassador for Coles supermarkets (via The Australian), and supporting charities close to his heart, Curtis Stone doesn’t have an abundance of free time (via Stone’s website). But according to Los Angeles Magazine, when Stone has the chance to cook at home, the chef likes to prepare pasta from scratch for his wife. He joked, “I know she doesn’t look like she loves pasta!” Although the family eats a lot of seafood at home, it’s fresh cavatelli with mussels or clams that Price often requests. 

Speaking with Holiday Travel, Stone turns it up a notch when he wants to impress Price, remarking, “My wife, Lindsay, loves homemade lobster pasta—expensive date, hey? So, whenever I have the chance, I try to whip up this dish for my love.” Prepared at Maude occasionally, the chef believes “handmade pasta is so special and makes you feel a certain way.” Stone’s ability to prepare comfort food like homemade ravioli, which people immediately recognize and love, but elevated with a new technique, has become the chef’s signature. 

Often creating new seasonal dishes at home, Stone wants the cooking experience to be fun and also invites his sons to help him cook (via Honest Cooking). From gathering produce from their vegetable garden to setting the table, it’s essential to Stone to create the time to enjoy his family’s company over a delicious meal.



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