The Chocolate Commercial You Forgot Roger Federer Was In


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Several years ago, Roger Federer appeared in a series of commercials for luxe Swiss chocolatier, Lindt. This pairing was only too appropriate, as Federer is a proud Swiss citizen, himself. In one of the ads, Federer tries to find his lost bag (filled with Lindt Lindor, naturally), while two lascivious female airline employees ogle the superstar. In the other ad, two female security agents confiscate his bag and threaten to strip-search him. The happily married father of four maintains his trademark composure throughout the experiences, however.

Not surprisingly, people are flooding to Federer’s Instagram account to reply to his retirement announcement. Calling his retirement a “bittersweet decision,” he nonetheless notes that there is still much to celebrate. His fans clearly agree, calling him the “greatest of all time” and noting that “tennis won’t be the same without you.” But perhaps most poignantly, the official Wimbledon account responded simply, “Thank you for everything Roger.”



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