Stephen King’s Fairy Tale Just Landed An Acclaimed Director For Its Movie Adaptation




In a report from Deadline on September 15, 2022, the publication confirmed that Paul Greengrass has signed on to direct and co-produce the “Fairy Tale” adaptation. Greengrass’ directing career dates back to the 1980s, and in the years since, he has led such productions as “Captain Phillips” and “News of the World.” He’s also helmed three installments in the “Bourne” franchise, those being “The Bourne Supremacy,” “The Bourne Ultimatum,” and “Jason Bourne.” “‘Fairy Tale’ is a work of genius. A classic adventure story and also a disturbing contemporary allegory,” Greengrass said of Stephen King’s latest novel.

So, what did King — a man who’s never been shy about sharing his dislike for cinematic handlings of his work — have to say about Greengrass’ hiring? “Needless to say, I’m a Paul Greengrass fan and think he’s a wonderful choice for this film,” he stated, evidently giving Greengrass his stamp of approval to make the “Fairy Tale” movie a reality. At the time of this writing, it’s unknown through which studio or release avenue the film will premiere. Although, Deadline notes that given the name value of King and Greengrass collectively, numerous parties plan to toss their hats into the ring.

Time will tell what the future holds for the “Fairy Tale” adaptation, but hiring Paul Greengrass to direct is certainly a solid first step in the right direction. 



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