Singing Vegan TikTok Chef Gabrielle Reyes Mixes Beats With Beets


Do you have any advice for somebody who’s curious about dipping their toes into plant-based eating?

Yes. I love plant-curious people, because it’s so fun. It’s such an exciting time, because I always tell people, “You don’t have to go vegan. You don’t have to be like, ‘I’m vegan now.’” That was my journey, and I’m so grateful for it.

Start off by, instead of eating fried chicken, making some fried mushrooms. Instead of eating a beef burger, you can try making your own plant-based burgers. Personally, I like Beyond Meat. Things like that are nice to start the transition. The key to sustaining a really delicious, healthy, fabulous plant-based diet is eating the rainbow — not thinking about, “I have to eat this. I have to get my protein. I have to get my iron, my B12.” Don’t worry about that. First thing first, start with your red. Then go to your orange, get your yellows, your greens, your purples, your blues, get all that gathered up.

I can tell people, look at it more like, “I’m going to eat the rainbow. I’m going to live, eat, dance, sing the rainbow, and we’ll see where that takes me.” And seasoning — oh, my God. Seasoning is the most important thing, because you can throw a poultry seasoning, which is vegan, or a steak seasoning, a pork seasoning, or other spices. You can throw that onto some sweet potatoes, some mushrooms, some cauliflower, chickpea, and boom. Don’t worry about it. You’re good.



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