Reddit Is In A Disarray Over An Old-School Aldi Ad




One Reddit user didn’t say how they happened to have a nearly pristine newspaper from circa 1988 lying around, but when they started a thread with a picture of it, it ignited several strange discussions. The most vocal commenters seemed to be Aldi employees who noticed that the ad discussed payment methods. “Even in 1988, Aldi didn’t accept checks,” one person noted. They went on to explain that even though it seems Aldi hasn’t allowed payment by check for more than thirty years, people are still trying to use them.

Another person says that Aldi wasn’t always the beloved brand that it is now. “I remember shopping at Aldi in the 90s … it was embarrassing to shop there,” they said. They explained that because Aldi has always focused on low prices, shopping there “meant you were poor.” But, “Now it’s trendy to shop at Aldi,” they concluded.

Naturally, the 30-year-old promotion had a lot of prices that were astoundingly cheaper than today, yet one person noticed that Aldi stores “haven’t raised the prices on pork & beans in 3 decades.” They then tipped their cap with a succinct, “Bravo.”



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