Queen Elizabeth’s Funniest Moments




In 1956, Marilyn Monroe and her husband, American playwright Arthur Miller, were living in the United Kingdom, where she was shooting “The Prince and the Showgirl” with Sir Laurence Olivier. According to Michelle Morgan, author of “When Marilyn Met the Queen,” the screen siren’s interest in meeting Queen Elizabeth grew during her time at Englefield Green, which is located near Windsor Castle (per People). Monroe, who apparently wished to have tea with the queen, would, in fact, end up meeting the monarch at a screening of the film “The Battle of the River Plate.”

Despite a request to dress conservatively, Monroe opted for a revealing gold lamé dress replete with a matching cape. Upon arriving at the Empire Theater in London, Monroe, along with several other stars, including Brigitte Bardot, Joan Crawford, and Victor Mature, waited nervously in the receiving line to meet Her Majesty.

The queen made her way down the line and, after executing her curtsy, Monroe engaged in a brief interaction with her. Per an excerpt of the aforementioned book in Town & Country, she described the queen afterward as warm-hearted and radiating with sweetness. Though the meet and greet went off without a hitch, the queen noticed that Monroe appeared uncomfortable and reportedly said to a friend, “I thought Miss Monroe was a very sweet person.” However, the queen quite hilariously noted that she could tell she was “so nervous” because “she had licked all her lipstick off.”



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