Prince Harry Earned Back A Special Privilege In Time For The Queen’s Vigil


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Following the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, Operation London Bridge went into effect, which lays out the initial 10 days of mourning for the United Kingdom’s royal family, per NPR. The family will be carrying out traditions that follow when a monarch dies. Many of these events have not been performed in years.

One of these events was the Vigil of the Princes, where the queen’s children stood guard over her coffin at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, according to the Daily Mail. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was allowed to wear his military uniform for the first time since the settlement following the allegations of sexual assault he faced. Now, it appears Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex will have the same opportunity. 

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry were previously banned from wearing their official military gear, though the reasons behind each man’s change of titles vary severely. While both Harry and Andrew were excluded from a royal salute during one of the queen’s celebrations of life, they will now both have a chance to wear their military uniforms leading up to the funeral, as reported by the Mirror. Harry will wear his uniform for the first time since choosing to leave the United Kingdom for the United States in a ceremony similar to the one Andrew got to wear his. The event is a 15-minute vigil where all six of the queen’s grandchildren will stand guard over her coffin at Westminster Hall on Saturday.



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