McDonald’s Fans Told Mashed Their Favorite ’90s Happy Meal Toy


Few experiences match the joy and surprise of cracking open a Happy Meal to find a mystery toy inside. Those toys have varied widely over the years, but a Mashed survey just revealed the ones most loved by customers in the ’90s. According to the survey, Hot Wheels toys were the most popular treat to accompany the famous Happy Meal. Of 582 survey participants, 211 said Hot Wheels were their favorite. That equals about 36.25%.

According to Complex, these tiny toy cars were the best-selling Mcdonald’s toys of all time. They were also the most commonly featured toy in the Happy Meal, appearing more than 15 times in the first 25 years of serving the product.

The Mashed survey revealed that Teenie Beanie Babies were the second most popular choice of Happy Meal Toys in the ’90s, with 152 votes from 26.12% of survey participants. Disney Masterpiece Collection (11.68%), My Little Pony (10.65%), and Mini Furbies (8.25%) also received a shoutout.



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