How Yerba Mate Energy Tea Is Really Made


According to the company’s website, YACHAK Organic offers a naturally occurring, plant-based caffeine that can boost energy and improve mental focus. YACHAK representative Julie Raheja-Perera said, “Yerba Mate is a natural source of caffeine and has been consumed as a brewed tea for centuries. YACHAK uses Organic Yerba Mate Leaf Extractive, which are air dried Yerba Mate leaves, a species of the holly plant.” Just like regular tea, the leaves are brewed in water.

Raheja-Perera claims that the inspiration for the tea comes from the Ecuadorian Amazon, where the drink has been brewed in those regions for centuries. She noted, “Sustainably sourcing our Yerba Mate from its original source has always been a core value behind our brand.”

To that end, YACHAK is in partnership with One Tree Planted to encourage reforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. The brand recently collaborated with National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale for The Amazon Assignment. This contest brings one lucky photographer to the Amazon Rainforest to capture the reforestation and sourcing process. No doubt this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — and the winner might be able to grab some locally brewed yerba mate while they’re at it.

Head to The Amazon Assignment website to learn more about the partnership or Ami Vitale’s Instagram page to keep up with her latest projects. Check out YACHAK Organic’s website to see their products.



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