Fans Told Looper Which Member Of The Rogues Gallery They Never Want To See In A Live-Action Batman Movie


In a recent poll that Looper conducted with about 613 Batman fans based in the United States, 25.29% of respondents said that they have no desire to see a live-action Mad Hatter in future Batman films. Following close behind was Professor Pyg at 21.37%, then Commissioner Gordon’s psychotic son J.J. Gordon at 21.04%, Clayface at 18.43%, and lastly, Man-Bat at 13.87%. The results are interesting, as some fans have noted that the Mad Hatter, aka Jervis Tetch, could be an interesting and even beneficial addition to the Matt Reeves Batman movies (via Reddit). However, the fear could be that the character is too fantastical for a grounded and gritty Batman like Robert Pattison’s.

The villain is obsessed with “Alice in Wonderland,” committing crimes while believing he is the character out of Lewis Carroll’s stories. He has appeared in live-action Batman projects before, however. The Mad Hatter was an influential character in the “Gotham” television series focused on Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), where he was played by actor Benedict Samuel.

Clearly, it’s tough for filmmakers not to be drawn toward the Joker. He and Batman are two sides of the same coin, with a relationship that is immensely dynamic and enthralling to watch. Although, whether it’s the Mad Hatter or not, there’s no question that there are a plethora of interesting villains that could be the sole focus of another Batman movie, as Paul Dano proved with his Riddler (via The Direct).



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