Everything We Know About King Charles’ Trusted Inner Circle




Nicholas Soames is the grandson of Winston Churchill and has been one of King Charles’ closest friends for decades. As Hello! Magazine has reported, the two were first introduced back in 1970 when Soames was named equerry to then-Prince Charles. He remained in the role for two years.

The two are so close that Charles was the best man at Soames’ 1981 wedding to Catherine Weatherall, and in a comment to The Independent, a mutual friend described the relationship between Charles and Soames as “a great deal of mutual humour and banter but the utmost public discretion” (per Hello! Magazine).

In September 2022, Soames spoke to the BBC about how Charles’ life will shift now that he is king. He pointed to Charles’ long time as Prince of Wales as an “apprenticeship” he held at “the feet of a master” and explained, “As the King said last night, as he embarks on his new responsibilities, clearly his life will change, and his views and the way that he conducts himself will observe, of course, the constitutional principles.”



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