Erika Jayne Gives Update On The Status Of Her Controversial Earrings


Erika Jayne is one the defense once again, this time over earrings. During a “Watch What Happens Live” appearance with Andy Cohen, the Bravo boss asked the “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star to clarify her statements on how she felt about the Lion Air victims after many fans said that they felt like she didn’t care about them. Once Jayne clarified her statements, actor Michael Rapaport asked her about the infamous earrings that Girardi bought her and whether or not she still had them in her possession.

“The earrings were turned over. I was asked to turn them over and I complied as I’ve complied with everything from the beginning. And they are in a third-party trust. And the bankruptcy trustee, I believe has them,” Jayne explained. Still, many people took to the comments section of the YouTube video to weigh in on what we can only now refer to as #earringgate. “Erika doesn’t understand that by wearing the earrings, it’s just rude. She’s flaunting that she got money from GK, and they didn’t,” one person wrote. “Yes take off your earrings and give them to the victims,” another chimed in.

As many know, Jayne didn’t want to let go of the luxurious jewelry. In June, People reported that Jayne fought to keep the pair of earrings that Girardi gifted her back in 2007 but ultimately lost. The price tag? A whopping $750,000.



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