Chihiro Ogino’s 12 Best Moments In Spirited Away Ranked




Chihiro’s journey is a fascinating one — not just in how she explores this strange new world, but also in how she matures. The first time we meet Chihiro with her parents, she laments what they have left behind and shows little excitement about their new life. Moving somewhere unfamiliar is a huge upheaval, but Chihiro’s parents believe it will be the best thing for them, so they try to encourage their daughter to be more open to it.

Chihiro’s parents might not have had being turned into pigs or having their daughter trapped in a spirit world on their list of new experiences, but Chihiro’s encounter proves to be the making of her. It forces her to grow up quickly and encourages her to welcome the idea of change — something she imparts to Yubaba’s baby, Bôh (Ryunosuke Kamiki).

As Chihiro desperately tries to find Haku, she stumbles into the playroom of the oversized Bôh. The light of Yubaba’s life, Bôh lives a sheltered existence — not just protected from the outside world, but taught to fear it and its “germs.” Bôh believes Chihiro has been sent there to make him sick, but also worries she will get ill if she leaves. However, Chihiro tells him, “It’s staying in here that’ll make you sick.” It may seem like a fairly innocuous moment in the film, but it shows how much she has grown: not just embracing change, but encouraging others to do so as well.



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