Alix Traeger Reveals The Most Bizarre Video She Made For Buzzfeed Tasty


In Alix Traeger’s TikTok series, she gave insight into her banana corn dog recipe. Traeger explained that although the recipe did not do well on Tasty itself, her behind-the-scenes rating went viral on the internet with approximately 14.3 million views and 2.8 million likes. She explained, “That video, the banana corn dog, is so weird and silly, but it was essentially a corn dog made sweet. I made banana bread.” She continued, “I dipped a banana into banana bread batter, and then essentially fried it to make it look like a corn dog.”

In the recap video, Traeger mentioned that Tasty had changed her original name idea from “banana corn dog” to “banana bread on a stick.” It seems as though TikTok fans liked “banana corn dog” better, as their comments persuaded BuzzFeed Tasty to officially rename the recipe. Traeger said, “It set off this whole movement and Tasty was so confused. They didn’t know what was happening at first.” That’s when Tasty figured out what was going on and reached out to the food influencer about the name change. This proves that you can do anything you set your mind to, even convincing BuzzFeed Tasty to alter one of its OG recipes. Honestly, the “banana corn dog” sounds like the perfect game time appetizer.

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