Why You Should Think Twice Before Throwing Away Shampoo Bottles




Next time you squeeze out that last bit of soap, think twice before throwing away the bottle. One Crazy House recommends upcycling used shampoo bottles into hanging planters. Simply cut off the top, paint the plastic your desired color, and attach twine to the sides. This way, your plants will stay stylish in something that would have otherwise taken 450 years to decompose (via WWF Australia). Alternatively, smaller shampoo bottles can be made into simple flower vases. Wash out any leftover suds and brighten up the bottle with paint. As noted by Donella Crigger of One Crazy House, these plastic vases are ideal if you have accident-prone kids.

HGTV recommends repurposing old shampoo bottles to make outlet-hugging cell phone holders. First, you’ll first need a bottle wide enough to support your phone (or whatever device you’re hoping to store). Slice off the top and one side of the container, leaving behind a small edge that will prevent your device from falling (via YouTube). Cut a hole in the back large enough for your charger, and trim around the edges as needed. To elevate your creation, decorate with paint, glitter, or washi tape. Alternatively, it’s easy to use a similar process to make a mini pouch for change or make-up. Instead of cutting off one side of the bottle, slice off three.The fourth side will fold over, acting as a top. Firmly secure the pouch’s make-shift lid with velcro strips (via YouTube).



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