Why Wynonna Judd Was Once Accused Of Spying On Her Sister Ashley


In her report given to Tennessee police (via USA Today), Ashley Judd revealed that at the time of the tracking incident, she and Wynonna Judd were embroiled in a nasty custody battle over Grace Pauline Kelley

According to Radar, sources familiar with the situation told The National Enquirer that Ashley had been granted custody of her niece after Wynonna had allegedly engaged in “nasty name-calling, put-downs and substance abuse.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wynonna wasn’t too pleased about her daughter being placed in her sister’s care. At some point, sWynonna began working with a private investigator … and that’s where things became downright dodgy. According to her lawyer, the investigator handed her a tracking device. Wynonna then passed the device to her ex-husband and daughter’s father, who placed the device in Ashley’s car. (A classic game of tag — but make it illegal.)

It should be noted that, while the Judds have a history of opening up about family strife, this is one issue Ashley had no intention of making public. In a statement posted to her now-defunct website and reported on by ABC News, the actor criticized the media for hampering the investigation by “aggressively pursuing and publishing details, some of which should be private.” 



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