Where is she now? Is she alive?


Ami Brown is a well-known Television personality widely known as the wife of renowned American celebrity Billy Brown. The couple rose to fame after the release of their American docu-drama-style reality television series named, Alaskan Bush People based on the Brown family.

Talking about their relationship, the duo spent their marital relationship for four decades till Billy Brown’s tragic death. Talking further, Ami was diagnosed with cancer as well. Is she still alive? If yes, what is she doing now?

Well, in this article we will discuss everything about Ami brown. Stay with us to find out more about Ami brown including her personal life, family, net worth, and many more!

Ami’s Early Life and Family

Ami was born on the 28th of August, 1964 in Fort Worth Texas, United States. She was born as the youngest daughter to her father Eugene Branson, and her mother, Earlene Branson. She also has an older sibling named Les Branson. Talking about her childhood, her parents parted ways when she was only eight years old.

Moreover, Ami claims that she had an abusive and traumatic childhood as her father was abusive towards her. But, the rest of her family denies Ami’s claim and also revealed that Ami was a spoiled younger kid during her childhood.

Talking about her education, Ami has not revealed much about her schooling and high school yet. However, we do know that Ami was a popular cheerleader during high school.

Ami Tied The Knot With With Billy at the Age of 15

Ami tied the knot with Billy Brown on June 16, 1979, legally under Texas Law. They met each other for the first time when Billy was working as a plumber in Ami’s house.

Ami Brown and her husband Billy Brown
Ami tied the knot with Billy when she was only 15 years old.

The two of them had a love at first sight sort of thing and slowly they started dating each other without letting Ami’s family know about their relationship. Billy described his first meeting in his memoir saying,

 “She was the most beautiful young woman I had ever met”

At that time, Ami was only 15 years old while Billy was 26 years old. When Ami’s family got to know about their relationship, it was too late to split them apart as Ami was deeply in love with Billy.

Although Ami’s parents were not positive about their relationship initially, they finally agreed to their marriage thinking that Billy belongs to a well-to-do family.

Ami’s Family’s Reaction To Billy Brown’s Shocking Truth

Despite having a huge age gap of 11 years, Ami’s family had initially approved her relationship with Billy thinking that he was a good man. Earlene also revealed that she wasn’t much worried about their relationship as Billy had maintained a good image in front of Ami’s family. She added,

“I wasn’t concerned about it, because I assumed Billy was an honest, reputable person, and that he wouldn’t keep Ami from us”

Ami’s older brother Les Branson also disclosed that Ami had threatened her family that she would elope with Brown if her parents go against her marriage. However, things did not go as smoothly as they thought they would after Ami’s family discovered the truth about Billy. Ami’s parents came to know that Billy had lied about a lot of things to marry their daughter

Ami’s mother Earlene said,

“He lied to us about his age! He gave the impression that he was very wealthy and came from a wealthy family. He seduced us with the trappings of wealth”

Furthermore, Billy also did not reveal his past relationship with Ami’s family. Ami’s parents were too stunned to speak when they came to know that Billy is a divorced man with two kids from his previous marriage. Her parents were also disappointed with Ami and Billy’s relationship as Ami had to leave her high school halfway because of her marriage at a young age.

Ami’s Mother Earlene Reveals That Her Last Wish was to See Her Daughter

As Ami’s older brother, Les disclosed that Billy would not let Ami meet her family. But, as per Ami, it is she who does not want to meet her family. As above mentioned, Ami expressed that she has a traumatic and abusive childhood especially because of her father.

Ami Brown's mother and brother
Ami Brown’s mother passed away before getting to see her daughter

She also said that it was because her father was an alcoholic. Despite the allegations, Ami’s mother wants to see her daughter and she even had a trip to Alaska. Unfortunately, they had to return home without meeting her as they were not able to contact her when they reached Alaska. In 2017 Earlene sent a message to her daughter through Radar Online further expressing,

“Right now I would say, ‘I love you very much. I have always loved you. I want to see you before I die!”

Unfortunately, in 2018, Ami’s mother passed away without getting to see her daughter. Many viewers thought that the reason why Ami didn’t meet her mother was her husband Billy. But, Ami disclosed her views in an interview and expressed that it was her decision not to meet her mother.

Do Ami and Billy Have Children Together?

The duo has a total of seven children together. Ami and her hubby Billy welcomed their first child named Matthew Brown almost after three years of their marriage on September 7, 1982. At that time, Ami was barely 18 years old.

After that, they gave birth to their second child name Joshua Brown on September 18, 1984. The couple had their two children when they were still living a normal life in the city

Ami Brown children
Ami Brown has seven kids with her husband Billy

Later, Billy and his family moved to Alaska where they welcomed their five other children named Rain Brown, Gabriel Brown, Bear Brown, Snowbird Brown, and Noah Brown.

Apart from that Ami’s husband Billy also have two other kids from his previous marriage with Brenda Britt named Twila Byars. They once appeared in the show Alaskan Bush people in the episode “Growing the Wolfpack”.

How Did She Rose to Fame?

Ami Brown is widely known because of her appearance in the reality TV show named Alaskan Bush People. It all started when Ami’s husband Billy was tired of his 9 to 5 job and decided to change his lifestyle. He used to work in a plumbing company but he was dissatisfied with his normal routine and expressed to his wife his idea of living away from society.

Although Ami was not sure about how they would make it, she agreed with her husband and moved to Alaska with her husband and two kids. Later, Discovery Channel decided to make a documentary series featuring an Alaskan Bush Family.

After that, the channel featured Billy’s family. The show was very unique for the audience which is why it was able to gain the attention of viewers quite. After the show started gaining fame, the family members became TV stars including Ami.

Ami and The Alaskan Bush People: Is The Show Scripted? 

The show was based on Brown’s family’s attempt to survive without modern society. The series premiered on the Discovery Channel on May 6, 2014. It started as a genuine reality TV show and released many episodes.

The show quickly got to fame and was loved by many viewers. Nevertheless, the show was not able to maintain the same level of legacy after fans started noticing that the show might be fake.

Alaskan Bush People
Viewers claim that the show is scripted

Many viewers caught the Brown family’s dark secrets. It is rumored that many incidents and dramas were pre-planned in order to increase the TRP of the show. It was reported that the brown family hired a paid actor as a love interest of one of Ami’s sons.

Likewise, when RadarOnline tried to communicate with the locals, many other natives revealed that the cast from the Alaskan Bush people don’t even stay in the wild when the cameras were not rolling.

Moreover, in one of the episodes, the family reportedly faked the incident of them losing their boat. Similarly, fans were also bewildered to see the Youtube videos of the family who seems to hate modern technology.

Lawsuit Against Brown Family

The Brown family has gone through many lawsuits. Ami and her family have a criminal history of welfare fraud. As mentioned earlier, the family did not spend their entire life in the wilderness as per locals. Similarly, Scott Stair, who is an investigations manager with the Alaska Department of Revenue found a similar situation going on while he was investigating.

He mentioned that the Brown family did not meet the “physical presence requirement” criteria between October 2009 and August 2012 to receive the fund provided by the government. The US government provides a special fund for people living in Alaska where the people have to spend at least 180 days in a year to receive the fund. The family was prosecuted for claiming the fund even after not meeting the criteria.

After that, on October 3rd a document was filed where the grand jury from Juneau charged the Brown family with a total of 60 counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and first-and second-degree theft.

Ami and Her Family Had To Face Major Consequences Because of a Disaster

Ami and her family had to go through a great loss after their house burned down due to wildfire. On August 2020 Washington State Department of Natural Resources revealed the palmer fire burned over 6000 acres of land sharing the border from Canada to the North.

The reality TV star Bear Brown revealed that their house was destroyed due to the fire which was worth $1.6 million. However, he said on his social handle that his family did not need help but he asked for help for the other families living in Alaska. He further added,

“We suffered a devastating loss yesterday, a fire swept through our mountain, our home! The loss seems to be great! It’s still burning! I’ll keep everyone posted! God bless!”

After that, the Brown family moved from Alaska to a 435-acre ranch, dubbed North Star Ranch, in the North Cascade Mountains in Washington state.

Ami Diagnosed With Cancer: Is She Still Alive?

On June 2016, Ami Brown was diagnosed with third-stage lung cancer, as per their TV show. Her family almost lost their hopes after knowing that she had only a three percent of survival chance according to her prognosis reports. Miraculously, she won the battle and managed to survive. Her strong faith and will to live made her defeat death despite being in a critical condition.

Ami Brown Is she alive?
Ami won the battle of her life

Her family moved to Washington after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. They relocated to Southern California and she went through two cycles of chemotherapy at the UCLA medical center. Although she was not able to move at that time, she is completely fine and doing okay now.

Ami’s Husband Billy Brown’s Tragic Death

The reality TV star Billy Brown had a tragic demise on February 7, 2021. He passed away due to a seizure at the age of 68. As per reports, he had quite a critical condition and doctors had suggested him to not live in the mountains. However, he did not agree with his doctors and continued living in high altitudes.

Billy had breathing difficulty issues and greater issues with his heart. Although Ami had an idea about this, she could not stop her husband and even had a difficult time explaining to her kids that their father was not getting any better.

Bear Brown announced through his social handle that his father is no more and expressed his sorrow. After that, they dedicated the 13th season of their show to their late father.

What is Ami Doing After Her Husband’s Death?

Ami is currently living with her family in Washington. However, she is going through a lot of hardships after her husband’s death. Her family was sued after Maughon claimed that he had invested a total of $30000 with Billy to receive a 10% profit from his income.

He first invested $20000 on January 6, 2009, for the publication and sales of books written by Brown and published by Alaska Wilderness Family Productions. Later on Jan 25, 2009, he invested $10000 to receive profit from Wilderness Family Production works for the rest of his life.

However, he claimed that he never got any money from the Brown family. Due to this, Ami Brown’s family had to go through a lot of legal procedures after her spouse’s death.

What Did She Do Before Being Famous?

Many people are curious to know what Ami did before she became a Television star. However, there is not much to mention about her career before getting famous. As mentioned earlier, she dropped out of high school to marry her husband Billy which means she didn’t have a great career before this gig.

After marrying Billy, she spent her life as a normal housewife. She did not involve herself in any professional sector. Later, when her husband decided to quit plumbing, they moved to Alaska and the rest is history.

Is She Available on Social Platforms?

Ami is not available on the social platform. However, her children are available on platforms like Instagram. Moreover, her family does have a social handle under the name @alaskanbushppl.

Ami Brown’s Net Worth

Ami has been able to amass quite a good amount of fortune because of the reality TV show Alaskan Bush People. Her husband left a net worth of $6 million after his demise. They were able to gather this good amount of fortune through their show and the book publication.



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