Wendy Williams Has A Long-Standing Feud With Will Smith


Will Smith, how you doin’? Not great when it comes to Wendy Williams, apparently. This one dates back to at least 2005 when Smith called out Williams in his song “Mr. Niceguy.” In it, he makes his feelings very clear, rapping, “Wendy Williams, you don’t know me/I’m not your punchin’ bag, you gon’ blow me/Off, girl, better leave me alone/Before I buy your radio station and send you home.” Well, it’s safe to say those lyrics weren’t too cryptic to decipher. As for what Williams had to say about the shoutout? She told The Hollywood Reporter in 2012, “Without those song mentions, I might not be on TV right now. There is a large segment who may have never heard about me on the radio… So I love them for that.” Fair enough!

Williams continued to chat about Smith on her show in the wake of his lyrical diss, though one thing she never got to throw her two cents in on was that infamous 2022 Oscars slap when Smith headed onto the stage to give Chris Rock a piece of his mind. Williams was taking a break from her talk show at the time (before it controversially ended without her), which left plenty of viewers disappointed they never got to hear her take on the drama. “With this whole Chris Rock & Will Smith situation makes me miss our messy Queen of daytime TV, Wendy Williams,” one person tweeted.



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