The Real Reason Tobey Maguire Stopped Drinking


Tobey Maguire’s long road to fame and fortune started with surprisingly humble beginnings. According to The Week, the actor was born to teenage parents who struggled to make ends meet. Maguire’s parents relied on food stamps, government assistance, and the generosity of others to keep the wolf from the door. “We would get groceries from neighbors,” he told the outlet, noting that he always had a roof over his head. When he wasn’t sleeping on relatives’ couches, his family would “wander” into a shelter for the night. It was this sense of despair that lit a fire under the young actor. “I wanted to get out of that, so my ambition was initially to make money; I was pretty driven,” he explained to The Guardian.

“I did as a teenager have some difficulty in that way and had to make some life decisions and change some of my behavior,” he told the Belfast Telegraph of his decision to quit drinking, adding that “there was no excess in that regard from 19 on.” Roughly eight years into his sobriety, Maguire landed the role that would make him a household name.



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