The Aldi Pretzel Bites That Are Pure Cheesy Goodness




For a cheese lover, if there is one thing better than having cheese — it’s having two kinds of cheese. According to Aldi Reviewer, Appetitos pretzel bites may fit the bill for such dairy devotees, since the bites are available in both cheddar and pepper jack. Aldi Reviewer found the bites to be “soft inside and slightly crisp and chewy outside, with a gooey cheese sauce inside that’s just like the little cups of dip you get to go with your soft pretzel at the mall” and revealed that after preparing both varieties, the cheddar flavor was a little quicker to vanish (presumably into some hungry bellies) based on an at-home taste test.

The cheesy snacks are certainly a hit with some Aldi shoppers. After seeing the @AldiFavoriteFinds post containing the cheese-filled pretzel bites on Instagram, one follower revealed there was immediate work to be done, writing, “Time to make room in my freezer bc those filled pretzels are my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!” Another user chimed in with “I vouch for the pepper Jack pretzel bites! YUM.” Since Aldi Finds are only available for a limited time, predicting whether your local store has the Appetitios pretzel bites might be as difficult as picking your week 1 lineup for your fantasy football team. But, just consider the bragging rights if you are able to score a box or two for the next game.



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