Melody Shari Takes Care Of Business On Love & Marriage: Huntsville


What can fans expect to see this season?

It’s a continuation of a lot of the conversations that have transpired in the first half of the year, but also, going a little bit deeper, showing those different dynamics of friendships, relationships, and business. If you thought the first half of the year was something, this second half is a whole ‘nother roller coaster. Put your seatbelts on, because it is going to be such a change of dynamic throughout this whole second half. I don’t know if you all are ready.

A lot of the teasers for this season have hinted that there will be a “smoothing out” in your relationship with your ex-husband, Martel. Can you give us a hint what “smoothing out” means?

The audience has seen the marriage, the divorce, all of that, throughout the entire show. They’ve seen a lot of the ups and downs. In this part of the show, you guys get to see where we come together, where we’re all in the same place with the kiddos and doing a family trip. That’s why they say smoothing out, so to speak — nothing beyond that. 

I take the kids to Destin every year. My youngest daughter is two, and I wanted to be able to invite my ex and his mother along, and my mom too, so she could experience a trip with all of us together. This is what we used to do; we used to all take trips together. I made the decision to allow that to happen, and you guys get to see us in the same space. The first half of this year, you didn’t even see us filming together because I told production out of the gate that I’m unable to do that. I had to protect my peace. By the time we get to the second half, I’m like, “Okay, let’s see how it goes,” so you guys get to see us on a family trip.



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