Body Language Experts Discuss Whether Meghan Markle’s Viral Hug Was Genuine


Mark Bowden is a renowned body language expert, royal commentator and the co-founder of TRUTHPLANE. As he told The List about the hug, in a photo of the viral moment, he sees “a very strong hug between the two, even with metal barriers in the way.” And guess what? The Duchess of Sussex seemed to benefit from the embrace with a stranger, with Bowden observing, “Meghan grips tightly and the other woman has a strong facial gesture of pleasure. A mutual feeling of connection and comfort is there.”

Blanca Cobb, MS PSY, body language expert, speaker and media personality agrees, although she notes that at first, “Meghan had a protective stance from the beginning of the interaction with the teen before she asked for a hug.” She explained to The List, “Subconsciously, you tend to keep your arms by your side to protect yourself emotionally and psychologically when feeling uncertain. Also, Meghan’s shoulders are slightly rounded forward, which also protects herself psychologically. This makes sense, given the controversy of her and Harry’s Royal exit.”

But everything changed when the young woman hugged her according to Cobb, who said although “the way the teen hugged Meghan kept Meghan’s arms by her side and didn’t allow her to move her arms to reciprocate a bigger embrace,” ultimately, “the hug lasted a few seconds, which suggests that Meghan welcomed the hug.”



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