Why ‘Sir Donald’ Is Trending On Twitter Amid The Queen’s Death


Donald Trump had an emotional reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth, but it’s unclear if the queen had similarly fond feelings toward the former president — not that she ever would have broken protocol to reveal any animosity. She did, however, once offer a clue regarding her feelings about Trump in a subtle (and royal) way by wearing a brooch given to her by Barack and Michelle Obama (via Vox).

Twitter users are now speculating about the real relationship between Trump and the queen after a post supposedly issued from the real estate mogul’s account on his beleaguered Truth Social platform went viral. A screenshot of the post read: “I never told anybody but she knighted me in private.” That led to #SirDonald trending on social media.

Investigative journalist Bill McCarthy, who combats misinformation, confirmed that the post is fake. “A fabricated Donald Trump post makes it look like he said the queen knighted him; it does not actually appear on Trump’s Truth Social feed,” He tweeted. “But social media posts sharing the alleged screenshot have tens of thousands of interactions, and ‘Sir Donald’ trended on Twitter.”

Some Twitter users seemed not to care whether the post was real or fake but simply took delight in inventing new titles for the possible 2024 presidential candidate, including “Sir Donald of Heinz,” “Sir Donald of Rikers Island,” “Sir Donald of Lies,” “Sir Donald of Delusions,” and “Sir Donald of Bankruptcy and Defaults.”



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