Who Received One Of The Queen’s Final Letters Before Her Death?


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The world seemingly stopped on September 8, the day Queen Elizabeth II died, making her Britain’s longest-reigning monarch after reigning for 70 years. Her death launched meticulous royal protocols that were planned for this exact occasion with flags flying at half-mast, a multiple-day mourning period, and other processes to honor the queen’s death.While Britain and the rest of the world watches as this historic time period unfolds, more information about Her Majesty continues to come out, and there’s one anecdote that might make some people break out in a smile.

The Daily Mail reported that an 8-year-old girl received a letter from the queen herself, arriving the day of her death. The child had sent the queen a handwritten letter, while the child’s mother attached photos of the little girl dressed up for an online horse fancy competition. She channeled her best Queen Elizabeth II look, similarly wearing garb that Her Majesty wore during the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony.

On the day of the queen’s death, the child received a letter signed by Lady-In-Waiting Annabelle Whitehead stating, “The queen was interested to see the photographs you enclosed in which you and your splendid pony, Lady, are depicted in the costume you chose for the celebratory competition you entered. Her Majesty was touched to know that you too enjoy horse riding, and I am to thank you again for your thoughtfulness in writing to the queen as you did at this time.” 



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