What Influenced Dave Hester To Live The Storage Wars Life?


Dave Hester found a passion for buying and selling when he was a child, and it’s all because of his parents. In an interview with “Morning Sickness,” a podcast from the La Crosse, Wisconsin radio station 95.7 The Rock, Hester recalled the moment in 1969 when his mom stopped his dad from throwing away a bunch of items. “And he had just gotten back from Vietnam, and he loaded up his truck to take to the dump. And me and my mom had been going to the swap meet selling the clothes, and we had been doing thrift shop buying. It was just generating a little bit of money, and she said, ‘Hey, don’t go and throw that stuff away’…So he went and sold a few hundred bucks, which back then, was huge money. And then he got hooked on it, and he started buying and selling. So I kind of just grew up doing that,” he said.

According to Hester’s website, he continued to build his skills throughout his teen years by placing bids at auctions. He became a bonded auctioneer in California in 1992 and currently sells his services to people who are holding auction events, including estate sales. As for “Storage Wars,” Hester said he saw it as a way to share his life story and the unique career that he has spent decades building.



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