Wedding at Cinnabon in Dufferin Mall in Toronto


A Toronto couple hosted their wedding ceremony at what they call an “iconic spot” in the city – Cinnabon in Dufferin Mall.

“Ultimately, we wanted the wedding to be a reflection of our dynamic together and not take anything too seriously,” Kate Palumbo and Andi Larocca told CTV News Toronto.

The idea came from their friend and officiant Kaleb Robertson, who had always wanted to have a wedding ceremony at Dufferin Mall.

“The mall that has it all,” Palumbo said, making a nod to a catch phrase often associated with the west end mall.


The couple got married on Tuesday and made use of the mall’s photo booth as a wedding photographer that came at the cheap price of $5.

For their wedding cake, they fed each other a cinnamon bun and bought another that they froze to enjoy for their first anniversary.

As their wedding ceremony took place, a small crowd formed around them. Among them, a group of teenage boys gave a round of applause.

“For the most part, people were pretty unphased,” Larocca said.


The couple lives in Little Italy and said the Dufferin Mall is a central place in their lives. Inevitably soon they said they would visit the establishment and pass their wedding venue.

“I guess we’ll always have a special moment when we pass Cinnabon,” Larocca said.

“If we smell Cinnabon, we’ll remember how much we love each other,” Palumbo added.



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