This Is How Much Wedding Flowers Really Cost




While the amount you spend on wedding flowers will depend on your decor decisions, The Knot reports that $2,300 was the average amount paid in 2021. Among the surveyed respondents, 70% reported the use of a wedding florist. The remaining 30% likely used venue floral packages or DIYed their floral decor.

If this seems like a high number, remember that flowers tend to play a constant role in the wedding. In addition to the centerpieces and reception deco, there are also bouquets, boutonnieres, and other personal flowers to consider (per Zola). While the rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of your budget to flowers, your personal wedding day cost will depend on the amount and type of flowers you choose.

Based on your own budget, you may be thinking of forgoing a florist to cut costs, but there are many benefits to having a professional take care of your floral arrangements. According to Pop Up Blooms, florists work closely with the wedding couple to achieve the desired theme and atmosphere envisioned for the ceremony and reception. 

In addition to their helpful floral arrangement knowledge, they also care for the flowers in the days leading up to the wedding, prepare the personal flower arrangements, and typically deliver and break down the actual flower wedding decor.



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