The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Revealed The Absolute Worst Season To Film


Andrew Lincoln revealed his least favorite season to film while playing “First, Best, Last, Worst” with The Hollywood Reporter. “When Negan arrived and paraded little puppy dog Norman, puppy dog Reedus, around in my face and I was sort of looking at him longingly, weeping for my bromance,” he shared.

Although we first meet Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the leader of the Saviors, in the Season 6 finale, the first full Negan season is Season 7, so we’re guessing that’s the one Lincoln is referring to. He and Reedus, who plays the crossbow-wielding fan favorite Daryl, had become close friends since the start of “The Walking Dead,” and Reedus was open about missing his “BFF” after Lincoln’s departure (via The Hollywood Reporter).

That said, Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have also become close. Morgan described their own bromance to ABC News in 2016. “I spend a lot of time with Norman,” he said. “Not only do we live next to each other in Georgia, but we both have this big affinity toward motorcycles.” The two ride together so often, in fact, that Morgan has even guested on four episodes of AMC’s “Ride with Norman Reedus.” It makes sense, then, that Lincoln would feel a bit displaced.



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