The Truth About Kevin From Great British Bake Off Season 13


If the Season 13 contestants from “Great British Bake Off” are sizing up their competition, they may want to take a look at Kevin Flynn’s Instagram account. In addition to being a musician and teacher, he clearly knows a thing or two about baking and has posted quite a variety of delicious-looking desserts, from prosecco and strawberry macarons to apple rose tart. Though we may not know if current contestants are checking out his Insta, we do know one post caught the attention of a notable former contestant.

When Flynn posted a video on Instagram of himself playing the GBBO theme on piano, Giuseppe Dell’Anno commented, “And you can make your own soundtrack! Amazing!” Fans of the show will likely remember Dell’Anno as the winner of Season 12 (via the BBC). Whether or not Flynn’s musical talent will aid him in the contest remains to be seen, but we do know from the GBBO website that Flynn started baking when he was 17. He likes to use seasonal ingredients and come up with “interesting combinations of fruits, herbs, nuts, and spices.” To see if Flynn’s experience and tactics make for the right combination to impress the judges, however, fans will have to tune in on Tuesday.



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