The True Story Behind Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner’s Matching Tattoos


Their “Game of Thrones” casting kept Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams employed for years and introduced them to each other, so who can blame them for wanting to commemorate the day their lives changed forever? Speaking to Elle UK, Turner explained that the matching numbers inked on their arms, 07.08.09, represent the date that she and Williams learned they would be playing sisters Sansa and Arya Stark. “When we had a day off from filming in Belfast we just went to a tattoo place and got it done,” Turner recalled. The artist responsible for the artwork was Kat Paine, who shared a photo of the co-stars showing off their tats on Instagram in 2016.

In an interview with ET, Turner explained why she requested that Paine use a lighter-colored ink for her body art. “I got it in peach because my mom wanted it to be as invisible as possible, but now I’m showing it to everyone. She’s going to be so annoyed,” the actor said.

Williams and Turner reminisced about getting their almost-matching ink while chatting to Rolling Stone, revealing that they came up with the idea the same day they visited the tattoo parlor. At the time, they were having a blast in Belfast — they attended a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, purchased identical designer backpacks and sunglasses, and chugged daiquiris at Granny Annie’s pub. “That was our best friend day ever,” Turner gushed.



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