The Gross Lobster Mistake One Contestant Made On Hell’s Kitchen


According to Lobster Science, many lobsters are “seasoned” — aka left in a water tank for 2-3 days before being sold. During this time, the lobsters, who aren’t eating, should naturally empty out their bowels. However, all chefs will want to clean it out of the tail before serving, just in case there’s any residue.

Plenty of YouTube users reacted with horror at the “Hell’s Kitchen” food offense. There was a lot of snark, too, as Elise hadn’t been a fan favorite. One user pointed out Elise’s supposed ego and that she had boasted about being the strongest person on her team, until she “proceeds to serve a lobster with the doo doo sack.” Another noted, “She got a huge slice of humble pie and she has no one to blame but herself.” And another viewer cheekily pointed out, “Guess she made a sh*tty decision,” to which another replied, “She literally served Ramsay sh*t on a plate.”

Massachusetts-based contestant Jennifer Normant later stated on camera, “Elise, you need to come up to New England to learn how to break down a lobster, because you do not leave the poop sack in a lobster. It’s not edible.”

Contestant Benjamin Knack, though, said it all. With a little squeezing hand gesture, he said, “Poop. That’s what I think of Elise’s lobster.”



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