Royal Watchers Are Fuming Over How CNN Completely Snubbed William And Catherine


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CNN may have lost viewers this weekend over a correspondent’s major snub. On September 10, CNN international correspondent Scott McLean was reporting on the much-talked-about Windsor walkabout, something many are seeing as a sign of reconciliation between Prince William, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The BBC reported that William personally asked Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to join him and Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales, to greet mourners and honor the queen’s public legacy — but not everyone saw the reuniting of the “Fab Four” as a good thing. 

During the CNN segment, McClean described the couples getting out of the car when he said, “You can see Harry get out first and then you saw Meghan and then the other two royals as well.” The “other two royals” — it should be noted — were William and Kate, whose profile in the royal family expanded tenfold, as William is now the direct heir to the throne. 

One Twitter user clapped back and said they’d no longer be watching CNN because of the disrespect, seeing this as another sign that the network is firmly on Team Sussex. There were even rumors that Harry and Meghan had given CNN the exclusive coverage of their own walk around Windsor, before William stepped in to amend the plans. “CNN’s agenda has been obvious for months,” Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton tweeted, adding: “They’re in the tank for Harry and Meghan. Pathetic. The ‘other two royals’ are the future king and queen.”



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