Is The OmniFocus App Worth The Money?




According to OmniFocus, their to-do list software works as a “second brain.” However, unlike most brains, OmniFocus doesn’t get distracted or require breaks. It’s also only available through Apple. Designed to work in conjunction with macOS and iOS, the OmniFocus app uses services like Siri for hands-free tasking and can integrate with your pre-existing notifications. According to Jonathan Sorum via Gizmodo, OmniFocus is “the single reason why [he] can’t abandon iOS and go over to Android.”

The app provides weekly reviews so professionals can preview upcoming or ongoing items, even those “someday, maybe” goals that may not be first-priority. OmniFocus also allows users to create distinctive categories — “work” and “personal,” for instance — and allocate projects within those categories. For each action you can assign tags, specifying things like location, people, and even energy level.

For the many organizational features it offers, the OmniFocus App does not come without a price. A subscription costs $9.99 a month, according to PC Magazine. Customers also have the option to purchase the app for a one-time fee — $49.99 for the standard Mac or iOS app and $99.98 for a combo. For some, the price is unreasonable. According to one App Store reviewer, “I get why they need a subscription model to stay in business but I think $4.99 would be a much more reasonable price for what is essentially a reminders app (albeit [an] amazing reminders app).”



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