How Much Does It Cost To Rent The Perfect Wedding Venue?




Your big day is full of happiness, love, and yes, dollar signs. You may feel yourself experiencing sticker shock over and over again as you search for vendors and coordinators for your big day, but one of the biggest shocks will likely come from your venue. The cost of a wedding venue varies greatly as there are so many options when it comes to your chosen location. For example, getting married in your backyard is obviously going to cost you way less than getting married in a fancy hotel by the beach. Still, though, according to Wedding Wire, the average overall cost for a wedding venue is $6,000. At the low end of the average, couples are spending about $3,000 for their venue, while the higher end costs couples about $11,000.

But, take this number with a grain of salt. This number can quickly skyrocket depending on your locale of choice, your guest count, and even your wedding date. You’ll also need to factor in on-site costs and what is and is not included when you book your venue. But, there’s more. According to Brides, couples also need to factor in parking fees, event insurance, rentals for things like chairs and tables (if they aren’t included), taxes, tips, service charges, and even fees for storing wedding items and late pickup fees.



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