How London Streets Will Make History When The Queen’s Coffin Arrives


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U.K. citizens were left in shock after the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II. The country’s longest-serving monarch passed away in Balmoral on September 8, automatically triggering Operation London Bridge. As part of the detailed plan, the monarch’s flag-covered coffin will arrive in London on September 14 after an eight-day journey (via CNN). The queen’s funeral is set to take place on September 19 in London, according to the outlet.

The London streets will appear as they never have before once the queen’s hearse finally arrives in the city. The Sunday Times reports that lines as long as five miles are expected to line the streets to mourn the queen. The historic show of sympathy is expected to be much larger than the queen mother’s procession in 2002, in which over 200,000 citizens crowded the streets. Plus, the event could top the estimated one million people who publicly mourned Princess Diana in 1997 at her funeral. The outlet also projected that queueing times to view parliament, where the queen will lie in state for four days, could reach up to 20 hours.

After a historic 70-year reign as the leader of the U.K., Queen Elizabeth II will continue to make history through her country’s celebrations of her life and mourning of her loss.



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