Everything You Need To Know About The Voicemail Guest Book Wedding Trend




With nearly a dozen phones in an array of muted shades (red, black, beige, teal, pink, ivory, orange, green, yellow, brown, and cream), After the Tone gives mid-century rotary that hipster chic. Unlike many of the other telephone-style guest books, After the Tone powers its handsets with AAA batteries (and sends backups!), making this Southern California company the choice for outdoor and other less traditional location weddings. You can even pass the phone around to ensure all your guests have a chance to say hello.

After the Tone does not share its pricing online, but its services work similarly to other audio guest book companies. Your handset will arrive five to seven days before your wedding, and you’ll need to return it by mail three days after the event. In less than a month, you’ll have your voicemails sent to you. Add another two to six weeks if you’d like your digital files to be made analog as a vinyl record.



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