Check out these famous logos recreated by AI



As the conversation around artificial intelligence taking away human jobs began to intensify, the one industry that seemed immune to the inevitable shift was art. Sure, you could design AI to do manual labor or run complex computer systems with ease, but creating one that could replicate the passion behind a sonnet or a painting would be impossible. In a foolish bit of naivety, I thought that AI would make people search for meaning in art and creativity, since that would likely be the final frontier of uniquely human expression. Well, it turns out that AI can not only produce high-quality art, but it can also knock out an image in no time.

In the post linked above, a man recreated a bunch of classic and modern logos using AI, and the results are amazing. Although several of the original logos still work better as functional corporate logos in terms of simplicity, the AI-generated pieces are beautiful interpretations in their own right. You can browse the gallery by clicking on the arrows bordering the artwork.



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