BTS Jin is literally his webtoon character come to life


BTS‘s Jin is literally one Webtoon draw IRL.

BTS’s Jin

Jin isn’t called “Worldwide Handsome” for nothing.


So it’s no surprise that he has inspired several webtoon characters.

Most famously, he is the alleged inspiration behind it True beauty‘s male lead Suho…

Jin and Suho. weavers

He has also had many Webtoon characters explicitly modeled after him with BTS’s Webtoons WE ON: BE SHIELDED, SAVE ME, and latest, 7 FATE: CHAKHO.


Jin in “SAVE ME.” | Naver Webtoon

With the latter’s release, ARMYs were conflicted about whether the characters resembled the members.

Still, everyone agreed he was handsome AF, and many admitted to swooning over the character, Hwan.

Now Jin proves how much he and Hwan really look alike!

Hwan | Naver Webtoon

On September 11, Jin traveled from South Korea to Los Angeles, California, presumably to work on his solo album KSJ1.

ARMIES were in awe of Jin’s new look. He showed off his soft auburn hair.

Some wondered what the new style reminded them of, only to realize it was technically Jin himself!

Jin’s new look is very similar to his webtoon character’s design 7 FATE: CHAKHO.

Some even suggested that Jin looks like the main character in yet another webtoon. Could Jin possibly bring to life Under the oak tree‘s Riftan Calypse if ever adapted into K-Drama?

Jin’s pictures are really no joke. He is so handsome that he really is a webtoon character come to life.



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