Why Alicia From The Sex Lives Of College Girls Looks So Familiar


Midori Francis’s next big role, following “Dash & Lily,” was a supporting role in Netflix’s 2021 supernatural comedy film, “The Afterlife of the Party.” Written by Carrie Freedle and directed by Stephen Herek, the film focuses on Cassie (Victoria Justice), who has not grown out of her party-loving ways, even though her longtime best friend, Lisa (Francis), has. Following a night of partying, a hungover Cassie goes to the bathroom, where she falls and hits her head on the toilet, resulting in her death. When she “wakes,” she is greeted by her guardian angel Val (Robyn Scott), who informs her that she has five days to make things right with the important people in her life, including Lisa.

Francis discussed her role in “Afterlife in the Party” in a September 2021 interview with The Nerds of Color. Describing what drew her to the role of Lisa, Francis said, “Really what drew me to the role was the fact that this is about two female best friends. I think if this was just a classic love, romantic love story between a man and a woman, I might not have done it. There was something about it: I was like, okay, this feels real. Female friendships are so intense, and you don’t always get to see that explored.”

“Afterlife of the Party” was followed up by her run in the first season of “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” which will be followed up by her stint in the upcoming 19th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” as one of the new main cast members, Dr. Mika Yasuda (via Deadline).



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