What You Need To Know About Pole Dancing




If you’re interested in pole dancing, then there are some basics to learn before signing up for a class. According to Mind Body Green, there are three branches of pole fitness are available to explore, with the first branch focused on the athletic side of the practice.

Pole dancing is a challenging exercise form, making it a great way for athletes to challenge themselves. As mentioned in Body Building, pole fitness combines climbing, spinning, and dancing around a pole of at least 40 milliliters. Often, this first branch of pole dancing will eliminate the dancing element to focus on aerial acrobatics. Either way, this workout, which especially involves flexibility and upper-body strength, has women of all ages raving about the physical benefits of pole fitness.

While the first branch of pole dancing is interested in the fitness elements of the sport, the second branch emphasizes the creativity of the dance element. Per Polecon International, pole dancing is just as demanding and craftable as any other type of dance, making it a great way to express different emotions through choreography, music, and sometimes even props outside of the pole.

Lastly, the third branch of pole dancing embraces the sexiness that first associated the practice with the adult entertainment industry. While this branch can vary in the erotic styles of dance practiced, Body Building explains that it is often associated with the six-to-eight inch heels known as “pleasers” that dancers wear while performing.



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