Top 3 Favorite K-Pop Idols Who Have the Best Chemistry with Lee YoungJi on “My Alcohol Diary” According to Kpopmap Readers


My alcohol diary” is one of the most popular YouTube series from South Korea. Hosted by the comical and hilarious Lee YoungJi, each episode features a famous guest star who, along with the host, gets a chance to interact, have fun and drink lots and lots of alcohol. Her amazing chemistry with these stars is one of the healthy elements of the series. Filled with moments that can range from heartfelt to chaotic, the series is a fan favorite as they no doubt enjoy watching their favorite stars relax and have fun .

We took a fun poll asking readers to vote for the K-Pop idol who has the best chemistry with Lee YoungJi in the series. Many votes were cast and we thank you for your participation.

The results are in! Here are the top 3 K-Pop idols who have the best chemistry with Lee YoungJi on “My Alcohol Diary” according to Kpopmap readers.

HyungWon may not be the loudest or most chaotic member of MONSTA X, but he is an adorable bean whose quirky charm many find funny and cute. Right from the start, we are delighted with his cleverness and thoughtfulness. His personality may be in contrast to Lee YoungJi’s, but that didn’t serve as any hindrance. And even though they just met for the first time, they both displayed an amazing level of chemistry that made this episode so fun and entertaining to watch. With 81% (4,697) of the total votes, he is in 1st place in the poll.

ChaeRyeong’s appearance in the series was filled with so many adorable moments that made many blush and smile from ear to ear. With her charming personality, there is no doubt that she would have a great banter with Lee YoungJi as their interactions and silliness made this episode wholesome and a thrill to watch. With 8.1% (469) of the total votes, she is in second place in this poll.

SooBin’s episode was filled with giggles and laughter as both he and Lee YoungJi exchanged a level of hilarious banter that led to many viral moments. This episode definitely showed SooBin’s charming and funny side as he really felt like he was in his element and having the best time. Throughout the episode, they brilliantly fed off each other’s energies and displayed a great chemistry that left the viewers entertained. With 3.6% (210) of the total votes, he is in third place in this poll.

You can check the poll below.

Which of these idols had the best chemistry with Lee YoungJi in the series? Let us know in the comments section below.



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