The Surprising Reaction From The British Public As Harry And Meghan Greeted The Crowds


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The world got an unusual sight today when the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out as a foursome at Windsor Castle, where the Queen’s fans left tributes for the late monarch (via HuffPost).

And it seemed the crowds gathered at the gates were beyond thrilled to see Meghan Markle in person, with one Twitter video showing the mom of two emotionally embracing a young girl who had come to pay her respects. The same social media user also posted a clip of Prince Harry helping his wife into a car and praised the duke for being “a gentleman.”

Elsewhere on Twitter, fans commended Meghan as brave for stepping out in such a public way after previously being booed, not to mention roasted by tabloids, in the UK. And another clip posted on Twitter made it abundantly clear that royal fans were just as excited to see Harry, going as far to chant his name. Meanwhile, the grieving couple seemed touched and delighted by how many people had shown up to pay their respects to the former head of the monarchy.



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