The Most Important Things To Remember Going Into Season 5 Of The Handmaid’s Tale


There are two things we know for sure about Nick Blaine from “The Handmaid’s Tale”: he’s the father of Nichole and he can’t quit June. Everything else about him, from his motivations to join the Eyes in the first place to why he stays in Gilead, is still a mystery.

In the past four seasons, Nick Blaine has held a variety of roles, from lowly driver and Eye to a commander on the front lines of Gilead’s war with the United States in Chicago. His devotion to June seems unwavering, but there are moments when it’s difficult to tell where his loyalties lie.

In Season 4, Episode 5, Commander Putnam tells Nick to order a bombing of Chicago, despite the fact that there was a ceasefire in place. Nick wants to fight back, but why isn’t clear: is it because of the ethical dilemma of attacking someone when they’re vulnerable, or is it because that was where June was rumored to be?

Nick continues to help June once she’s in Canada — but only to a certain point. He gives June a folder of information about Hannah, including her location, in Season 4, Episode 9, but he makes no moves to help get Hannah out of Gilead, let alone himself. He has had ample opportunities to leave and claim asylum, especially during his visits to Canada — still, he returns to Gilead, where, based on Season 4, Episode 9, he has a new wife.



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