The Four Words That Made King Charles Nearly Cry In Public


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It couldn’t have been easy for King Charles to lose his mother the Queen, a moment he admitted he’d been “dreading,” the same day he became sovereign of Britain. The confluence of these two major life events is not something most of us will ever understand. So, it’s no wonder that the grieving monarch appeared very emotional during one of his first public appearances after his official proclamation

Today, September 10, 2022 King Charles arrived at Buckingham Palace after being declared ruler of the realm (via Daily Mail). And while he appeared as composed as ever — the former Prince of Wales has always been a rather stoic royal — if you looked closely, you could see tears glistening in his eyes.

The moment that moved him so deeply was when onlookers shouted, “God Save the King.” The words are being chanted everywhere he goes in fact, with ITV showing video footage of King Charles greeting crowds at Clarence House and being greeted by this refrain as well.

“God Save the King” was also sung at an English cricket game on Saturday according to a Twitter post. The first official singing of the anthem in over 70 years took place at a St. James Cathedral memorial service on Friday according to Sky News.



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