The Entire South Park Timeline Explained


An important new character is added to the show in Season 13: Cartman’s superhero alter ego, The Coon (“The Coon,” Episode 2). Cartman gives himself a tail, fake claws, and fake ears, transforming himself into a vigilante raccoon. He tries to get the townspeople to take notice, but nobody cares about superheroes — until new crime fighter Mysterion comes along and starts solving problems. The Coon and Mysterion fight each other to solve the most crime, though The Coon’s motives are suspect. Eventually, Mysterion is unmasked, but his true identity is not revealed to the audience.

In the sixth episode, “Pinewood Derby,” South Park comes in contact with alien lifeforms after inadvertently discovering warp speed. However, the aliens reject the human species after discovering how corrupt and unethical they are. The boys briefly start their own wrestling federation after seeing a “WWE: RAW” event in person, but they focus more on the storytelling than the actual wrestling (“W.T.F.,” Episode 10).

In the season finale, “Pee,” the show introduces another new character to the series: Pi Pi, the owner of the local waterpark. In the episode, the waterpark is filled with too many people, and the content of the water starts to change after being saturated with urine. The park ends up exploding with urine, and Kyle has to drink some in order to save the town — which he reluctantly does.



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