The Council of Accession proclaims Charles as King as crowds gather for the ceremony in London


King Charles III has been formally proclaimed the new monarch of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth during ceremony and pageantry in London.

Around 200 senior ministers, advisers and diplomats gathered at St James’s Palace for the Council of Accession, a traditional meeting convened as soon as possible after the death of a sovereign.

While King Charles was given his new title as soon as the Queen died, the Accession Council formally proclaimed him King, setting off a spectacle of spectacle across the Commonwealth.

The first part of the accession council, which took place without King Charles, proclaimed the new king and formally approved other matters relating to the proclamation.

In the second part, Charles declared his commitment to the Commonwealth and took an oath in support of the Church of Scotland.

Politicians in suits stand in rows behind a red velvet rope.
Former British Prime Ministers at the Accession Council ceremony. ( AP: Kirsty O’Connor/Pool )

He said he would dedicate “what’s left of my life” to his new role.

King Charles also paid tribute to his late mother and her 70-year reign as monarch.

“My mother set an example of lifelong love and selfless service,” he said.

“My mother’s reign was unparalleled in its duration, dedication and devotion.

“Even as we mourn, we give thanks for this most faithful life.

“I am keenly aware of this deep legacy and the grave duties and responsibilities now entrusted to me.”

For the first time in history, the Accession Council was televised.

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Watch live: Charles proclaimed king

Lord President of the Privy Council, Penny Mordaunt, began by calling the business community to the first part of the council.

“My Lords, it is my sad duty to inform you that our Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, has passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at Balmoral Castle,” Mordaunt, who is also leader of the House of Commons, said. said.

The formal proclamation was signed by dignitaries including Queen Consort Camilla and Prince William, British Prime Minister Liz Truss and the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

Prince William and Camilla on one side of an ornate throne as King Charles III addresses a crowd.
Prince William and Camilla, the Queen Consort, look on as King Charles III speaks in the throne room at St James’s Palace.(AP: Jonathan Brady/Pool)

King Charles also confirmed that the late Queen’s funeral, for which no date has been set, will be a public holiday in Britain.

After the meeting of the Accession Council, the Garter’s King of Arms read the main proclamation from the balcony above the monastery court in St. James’s Palace.

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Charles formally proclaimed King of The Garter King of Arms

Several hundred members of the public were ushered in from The Mall to Friary Court in the palace to witness the proclamation of the new king.

The proclamation was heralded by trumpeters from the senior British army regiment, the Life Guards, and accompanied by gun salutes in Hyde Park and the Tower of London.

Then three cheers sounded for His Majesty the King.

Proclamations are to be followed around the UK, Canberra

A gun salute is fired with London Bridge in the background.
A gun salute was fired for the new king at the Tower of London on the banks of the River Thames.(Reuters: Sarah Meyssonnier)

Flags that were lowered to half-mast for the Queen’s death will be flown at full-mast as soon as the main statement is made.

They will return to midday Sunday evening after proclamations are issued in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

A carriage procession of heralds will travel to the Mansion House in the City of London, for a second public reading at the Royal Exchange at 9pm AEST.

Large crowds are expected to line the route.

On Sunday, proclamations will also be read in public in Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff at

Before then, the Governor-General of Australia will read the proclamation in front of Parliament House in Canberra on Sunday at 12.00.

The Canberra ceremony will be open to the public and followed by a 21-gun salute.

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