The 3 zodiac signs with rough horoscopes for September 10, 2022


Let’s just say that September 10, 2022 will bring out our darker side in terms of temperament and rough horoscopes for three zodiac signs.

The upside is that it transits Pisces, while the downside is that it’s a full moon, and that always kind of brings out the crazies.

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Are we the lunatics that everyone wants to run screaming from? Or are we the ones affected by the person who can’t shut up and insists that everyone pay attention to them while they have their public highs? Ah, therein lies the rub, my friends.

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Depending on which zodiac sign we are, we may well be the disruptive factor in today’s negative turn. Moon sextile Pluto can make us feel empowered, but with what? Hostility? Impatience? Anger? Yes, all that and more.

Pluto transits in this Moon phase are no one’s friend, and while we’re on the subject of friends, prepare to lose one or two today as these flared tempers will do no one any good.

So we can all expect to enter the danger zone today, even though we may not be responsible for causing that zone to appear. For those of us who succumb to the threat that comes with Moon sextile Pluto, we may not want to take responsibility for our actions.

In turn, we can create conditions with such negativity that we will cause suffering to those who choose to be with us. This is how we lose friends today. We make their lives unbearable simply because we think we can push the envelope further than it has ever been pushed before.



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